Samwell's Farm (Rough Sketch)

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Art Cartridge Paper, Mechanical Pencil for the rough sketch. I then used a better quality 110gsm drawing paper and a variety of pencils: HB, B, B2; to complete the second sketch. What are you most proud of? That I remembered to make notes about almost every aspect of the subject. Usually I get so carried away that I miss something important and have to return to get it right. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Pick a subject that you like before starting to sketch and give yourself time to find the aspect that is most appealing to you. For me, I love that there are so many variations in the landscape surrounding my district and although I see it on a daily basis...something always makes me think "Oh Wow...how beautiful"

What you will need

  • Graphite

Q&A with AdhillsGal

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello Adhills Gal and welcome to Craftsy atelier for perspective and landscape drawing. You packed a good deal of information, both written and depicted, into your drawing. This is something that sometimes needs to be done; but, for these exercises I will ask if you will refrain from making written notes. The reason is that it sometimes interferes with your "space & form memory." In short, although we want accuracy it should not sacrifice spatial concepts. Second, as one relies on his or her memory, other important features become apparent. In this regard, our projects will adhere is the ancient Greek agade, "Without Memory, [Mnemosyne, the Mother of the Muses], there can be no Art." On the other hand, you may go back to the model to draw if you cannot remember a something.
AdhillsGal answered:
Again, thank you for your feedback. I shall endeavour to relax, have confidence in myself and take more time to "absorb" the scene with my senses.
Patrick Connors asked:
Dear Adhills Gal, This [the 2nd drawing, rough sketch] is a fine moment of pasture and mown field [paddock]. The composition is pleasing and there is a feeling of hills in the sunlight, The rows in the foreground portray the roll of the topography and also go back in depth convincingly. One thing that would have contributed to this area would have been to make the boundary lines between the rows less distinct as they went back in the distance. The perspective on the bales of hay are good, essentially this is a good example of circles and cylinders in perspective. Be careful of your shadow mass in the distant trees and under the rock. The shadow mass is too dark for that distance. This is something we will expand on in Lesson 7: Atmospheric Perspective.
AdhillsGal answered:
Thank you for your encouraging comments Patrick. I appreciate your advice regarding the rows and the shadows.

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