Rostock Germany Sunset at the waterside

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. Watercolor , Albertian Veil, Lukas Water Color Paper rough, 140lbs, 12 ' x 16' Schmincke water colors. Faber Castell water color pencil A christmas gift to my son. He took a photo and challenged me to paint it.. So, I did it, with help of the Albertian Veil, Patrick showed in his Online Class.. Thank you, Patrick! It is a very helpful tool. I drew only the skyline with a yellow watercolor pencil and the albertian veil, after looking for the right proportion of the photo. Because my son took the sun in the midth of the photo, but I don't like this to paint it this way, he had to send me a second picture for the whole skyline from Rostock, so I combinded the two photos to get a golden section for the painting. Is the piece for sale? No What are you most proud of? I took a challenge... and I got it! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try it and enjoy it

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Q&A with adleise

TonyD asked:
Nice work! Love the trees and the water. I wonder if you could have made the background trees more vague, both in line and tone to achieve more atmospheric perspective.
adleise answered:
maybe next time...
Patrick Connors asked:
Hello a.d.leise, Congratulations on this quiet poem about space. It is a lovely expansion on the Lesson 4: The Albertian Veil [and a lovely gift for your son]. Also, thank you for all the information. Although this project is not in the media required charcoal, chalk or graphite it is an appropriate and worthwhile addition to the "Course Projects." First, it shows how the course lessons and principles can be applied in other media. Second, a.d.leise gave a detail description of how these principles were used, in this case the Albertian Veil. Well done! TonyD's comment may be of use- it is hard to say how dark those trees are but a shade lighter would probably help. As you say, "maybe next time... ." I look forward to seeing the posting of your next drawing for the course.
adleise answered:
Thank you, TonyD and Patrick. I posted the picture again, this time without loading it in photoshop, PS makes the photo deeper in tones, shades. I think, you could see it in the detail photo. I will do this picture again with the bird perspective to get it and watch the last lesson for getting all the good tipps you give. Then try it with pencils and water colors again, maybe as mixed media, acryl, oil... ... I think it is a nice theme.. water, sun, trees .
lmfr asked:
Hi a.d: I love your watercolor. I have been working with watercolors and know how hard it is. You have done a wonderful job of rendering the water. Thanks for posting the picture of how you used the Albertian Veil. I really like everything about it. I think it has a serene quality about it. I like the contrast of darks and light. Great job.
adleise answered:
thanks for your comment