Marsh Hill

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. I used Derwent Graphic Soft pencils HB, 9B, 4B, 7B and B. Strathmore 400 hard bound sketch book 11x14.

What you will need

  • Graphite

Q&A with rkapphahn1775387

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello rkapphahn, This is a more ambitious drawing and an improvement over your first posting, especially in the tonal expression. For which, by the way, do you have any response on my comments for that first posting [Park Trail]? It is important that each student replies to my commentary. It does not have to be much a sentence or two. Or more, if you desire. Nor do you need to agree with me. For example, did you find that any of the suggestions were of use? Or incorporating the border, as you have done here, did this help or pose an obstacle to your making this drawing? Now for some things to consider. What was your reference for this [from nature, photo, or artwork]? The space is not readily evident and this is probably due to a compositional issue: The image feels a bit cropped. If you are working from nature use your cone of vision tool to establish a view that gives a solid sense of space. In another words, you may need to move back from where you were working, far enough back so that you can see where the foreground plants are meeting the soil. If this is not possible, find another view that you like and can see more of the ground plane. If you worked from a photograph this would explain some of the compositional issues; and, please remember, in the future, if you cannot work from nature it is best to work from artwork, pre-photograph, that you enjoy. As always, I look forward to your next posting and response.
rkapphahn1775387 answered:
Thank you for the critique. I did work from nature and yes maybe I need to move back a bit I agree with that.

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