Marsh Bridge

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. I used Derwent Graphic soft pencils HB, 5B and F. Sketch pad I used is Strathmore 400 hard bound sketch book 11x14. Lesson 3 What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just do it and take your time with whatever your doing.

What you will need

  • Graphite

Q&A with rkapphahn1775387

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello rkapphann, It is good that you drawing and do the lessons in the course. Congratulations. Before I start the critique, there are two questions. First, would it be possible to take post a camera image of the scene that you drew? Second, the drawing you posted, is it on white paper [and just a dark image] or is it on off-white paper? Now for the critique. The foreground is rendered well, the detail of the grass and flowers gets less as the distance increases. This spatial idea could be furthered enhanced with the application of tone. Even a general tone over the plane would help the spatial idea. The title of the project is Marsh Bridge. Is that what looks like a fence? If so, this is both a compositional challenge as well as a perspectival one. Remember in Lesson 1 on the eye-level line. One important feature about it is that it is an invitation to the viewer to see and experience the artist's intent. You have not got the viewer in a position to perceive fully your delight about Marsh Bridge. The foreground is there, the middleground partly represented by the trees is indicated, but your main subject matter is somewhat confusing. [That is one of the reasons I asked for a camera image to see if we can clarify the problem.] One thing that adds to the confusion is that the right hand tree and the fence {Bridge?] end together. Ending the fence there flattens that pane because the viewer is unsure of its completion. Also, be careful in how dark those distant elements are. Is it as dark as your shadow mass in the foreground? The center tree in the middle is good, you a re very good at doing trees and the foliage, Before I say more will wait for the camera image or your comments.
rkapphahn1775387 answered:
I understand what your saying about the bridge. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the old bridge and I dont know when I can go back to the site I do have medical issues but next time I will take a picture of my next drawing site. I did use the cone as you suggested befor that did help. I do think I made the bridge to dark, I thought it would draw the eye more and now I see it confuses the eye as to what is eye level as well as the focus of the drawing. I thought this was going to be a easy class lol.. I like how you critique and explain things, it makes me have a better understanding.

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