News Boy Cap

You Can Make This

lpinchin made News Boy Cap with:

  • Chunky Weight Yarn
  • 6mm hook

Q&A with lpinchin

Prunaj asked:
I Would like to try this project ,any pattern?
lpinchin answered:
I just started with 10 hdc in a magic circle, then working in the round increased to 20 hdc on the next row, then 30 on the next until you get to 70 (or however wide seems to fit you) then work even for several rows. Then begin brim-ss in the number of stitches you want the brim to be (probably about 28 ) then sc the rest of the way around. When you get back to where you started the brim work 2 hdctog (dec 1) then 4 hdc then 2 hdc in next stitch (inc 1) then hdc until 7 stiches before end of brim 2 hdc in next stich (inc 1) then 4 hdc then 2hdctog (dec 1). You should be at the end of the ss brim stitched, turn, work hdc across decreasing one at each end, turn, repeat first brim row, turn, repeat second brim row, do not turn, sc along brim edge and around back of hat and then up other brim edge. You can fasten off at this point or continue across brim in sc and then fasten off. Just depends how wide you far you want your brim to stick out. Hope this helps. You may need to play with it a bit depending on your yarn. Sometimes I start with 12 hdc and increase accordingly. The use any flower pattern you like. A rose or a chrysanthemum would be nice too.

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