Multi garment Tunisian Crochet

What you will need

  • Hand dyed hand spun 5/6ply wool 8mm Tunisian crochet hook

Q&A with Dianne.Sallee

Debh4528 asked:
I love your colors. Is this the end of the first repeat? I am on my 2nd ripple stitch...Yeah, it is fun.
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Thank you, the colours are actually more intense than in the photograph. No, I only had a couple of rows to go to complete the first piece (it's finished now). And yes, it is fun to do this style of crochet - I have done regular crochet for many years so this was a bit of a learning curve for me i.e. holding the hook differently and altering the way I tensioned my yarn. One thing I am concerned about though is that I used wool and wool has a 'memory' so these pieces may not 'drop/stretch' in the same way as the illustrated garment does (and I don't have enough of the yarn to extend the length ;-(
morijay asked:
I, too, love your colors. This patterns has so many color combination possibilities!
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Thank you
LaFong asked:
I love your choice of colors. It reminds me of sea glass.
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Thank you
chepamepa asked:
Beautiful. Between your pattern and color choice reminds me of the ocean.
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Thank you

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