Horse fly bonnet

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I think I did a pretty good job. The horse bonnets fit very well and the colors can be matched to the horse's coat. What advice would you give someone starting this project? check the Internet, mostly in Germand (Fliegennetz) (Ohrenhauben) and can find instructions with pictures to adapt. The crocheting pattern you may make up yourself.

What you will need

  • cotton yarns; not too thin

Q&A with eprice1688

MissMarple asked:
Amazing! They look lovely and very professionally made. I have friends with horses and now I know what to make them for birthdays - they would love them and I can match the colors to their tack colors. Thanks for sharing this great project!
eprice1688 answered:
You may check on the internet for some basic pattern or measure the horse. If you want to, I can search (my library) for the size pattern I made. Good luck.
llwweg asked:
I love the pattern of your design! However, I don't know what a "Horse Fly Bonnet" is...?
eprice1688 answered:
Hi, Neither did I at first. However, Its that funny ear/forehead cover they put on horses. It keeps the flies away from their eyes.
MistiBee asked:
the stitch looks like a lobster. but horse fly works too. Good job
eprice1688 answered:
haha,. hy MistiMercury, the pattern has nothing to do with horses or lobster - its just a nice pattern that's called "Pineapple"
Floof asked:
Hi, do you have this pattern for the horse? I am new to this site, and don't see the pattern listed?
eprice1688 answered:
Hi Floof, I made up the pattern myself. I could try to explain it further, get in touch with me. Thanks.