Created by: Ksenia

hats panamku

What advice would you give someone starting this project?

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Ksenia made hats panamku with:

  • remnants of cotton yarn hook ukarsheniya beads

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project?

Q&A with Ksenia

dhawry51 asked:
Are these caps for babies? They are so adorable!
Ksenia answered:
Thank you! They are designed for ages 1-3 years, but you can knit and babies.
Paula Schreiner asked:
is it possible to get the pattern? I would love to share this with my church group. We make caps for chemo patients
Ksenia answered:
Any certain schemes no, cap tally with different schemes, the basis of pattern took napkins and padded to the head size. Leave e-mail, I'll throw off a few simple crochet patterns.
JoyceAnnPB asked:
Ksenia answered:
Thank you!
deborahag394316 asked:
was looking for the pattern. is it available on peach colored snood or netting. have made similar but not this particular pattern
Ksenia answered:
Leave your email and I'll throw off a few simple patterns that you can adapt your desired size.
knitknut1460041 asked:
Do you have the panamku hat pattern in english
Ksenia answered:
Unfortunately the description in English , but there are clear diagrams, which I used when knitting caps

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