Crocodile stitch flower hat

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? The workshop definitely helps as you can see what the steps should look like.

Q&A with Sandra in CA

driniriver asked:
very nice job , i thought you made a flower, ..............
Sandra in CA answered:
It is a flower hat for a baby. I will see about getting a picture of it on the baby and see if I can load that one right side up. I had a great time making it and plan on making many more.
diggysgram asked:
Sooo cute! No worries that it's upside down. It's still adorable! If we want to see it right way up, we can always stand on our heads~it'll be good for the blood flow!
Sandra in CA answered:
ruthgates304443 asked:
My daughters continue to amaze me , even after 40 & some years!!!
Sandra in CA answered:
Thanks mom, I think it runs in the jeans, we have a talented mother and grandmother (who are still crafting just as we are and will continue to).
Zizi asked:
I don't find the instructions to crochet the Crocodile toddler Hat... It is it ? If it is, where is the instructions or the Video Instructions, please . Thanks Zizi
Sandra in CA answered:
This is a Craftsy worship that I paid for. I believe you can also just pay for the pattern. Check it out in the worship section.
Katzzz asked:
Love this! It's so cute!
Sandra in CA answered:
Thank you.