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Created by: Closet

Cool Granny Squares

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Closet made Cool Granny Squares with:

Modern Patchwork Blanket

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Modern Patchwork Blanket

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  • Acrylic

Q&A with Closet

ngomez23616329973 asked:
I loved that you used a multi color granny square instead of the chevron. Where can I find the pattern for that square?
Closet answered: Hi...thanks for the comment - truth is my chevron squares didn't look as good as the pattern pic (my handiwork!!). This is where I found the pattern for the triple puff granny square. It does actually look really good when it's made up. I think I missed a row or two so the size matched my other squares.
verasgirl3184865 asked:
What is the size of the finished work? How many are necessary for a baby or a toddler blanket?
Closet answered:
The above was a decent baby's cot size. I have given it away so not sure of the exact measurement, but you can increase the number of rounds when finishing to make it bigger. I thought it was a really good size - able to be tucked in securely etc and I did 20 squares. Tried to follow the original pattern as well as I could.
verasgirl3184865 asked:
What size hook, what yarn and how much did you use? Is this reversible? Thanks
Closet answered:
I am in New Zealand and so our sizes may be a little different...I used a 4.5mm crochet needle (US 7) and 8 ply Acrylic wool. I think I got 2 x 100gram balls of each colour. It would be reversible if you sew all your ends in nice and neat!!
verasgirl3184865 asked:
How do I pay you to download pattern? Nothing comes up when I go to check out. Thanks
Closet answered:
Umm.....when I go to the website below and scroll down, the pattern is all there (complete with pictures) - even though they mention paying for it. So I suggest just scrolling down and seeing if the pattern is there.