Project Description

What are you most proud of? I managed to complete this whilst making other crochet items for friends and family. What advice would you give someone starting this project? 100% concentration. Have more yarn than you need. It's very annoying to run out just before you finish project. My finished project turned out to be twice as big as the pattern given in magazine, so make sure you have twice the amount of thread given in instructions.

What you will need

  • Anchor Aida 50g 6 ply crochet thread (2 skeins).

Q&A with Fatima

Ladymax asked:
Another beautiful project.
Fatima answered:
Thank you, Ladymax. I'm having a break from big projects now and will be doing more amigurumi and hats for friends and family.
Lynn Wolfe asked:
This is just stunning Fatima! I think I would be blind by the time I finished something like this! What patience you have!
Fatima answered:
Thank you, Lynn. I started this back in July, but put it on hold when I ran out of cotton half way through my holidays in France and couldn't find the right type over there, so I started something different. Luckily I found correct thread again back in England!
Pilar Frye asked:
Fatima es precioso ,eres una artista!
Fatima answered:
Gracias, Pilar. Es cuestion de tiempo y paciencia, como todo.
Sammy asked:
Fatima answered:
Thank you, Sammy. It kept me busy for many months!

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