Butterfly Mobile

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Wanted to make something special to brighten up my little girl's room. She loves it!

Q&A with Marken

knightsmom asked:
Gorgeous use of color!
Marken answered:
Thank you!
DeeAnna asked:
That is amazing!!! WOW I love it!
Marken answered:
Thank you!
Sarah Becker asked:
WOW X 100!!! This is stunning! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this, and how jealous I am right now that this isn't a product of my own creativity!!! I bet your little girl would agree that you are absolutely amazing and very clever :)))
Marken answered:
Oh, my, I LOVE your comment! Thank you. Although my little girl loves her mobile, she would rather wear it as a crown/wig. Ha!
ThinkJesus1st asked:
this is the prettiest thing I've seen.thank you for sharing it. I just put butterfly wall clings in my kitchen between the counter tops and the cabinets, this will set it off greatly. I'm going to make another one, with all of my fower motifs I've made & didn't know what to do with. It is the colors that make this-(it could have turned out babyish or boring) you have a great eye for colors, even with the beads - you didn't over-do it!
Marken answered:
I hope yours turns out lovely as well. Thank you!
CSlingerland asked:
Love, Love, Love! I'm definitely going to make this for my girls room! They will love it. Thanks for posting!
Marken answered:
You are welcome! I hope yours turns out lovely!

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