Bright Green Bird Amigurumi

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm happy with how the eyes turned out. I actually really like the look of the black plastic animal eyes because they're so round and shiny, but I'd forgotten to buy some. Since someone who'd completed this project using baby safe eyes commented that it was hard to make them not bug out, and because I knew I'd probably have a hard time make two eyes of uniform size, I decided to use black yarn to "embroider" some eyes on, and make them a rectangle shape. This makes the eyes lie pretty flat on the fabric. He looks a bit evil or soulless in my opinion but that's okay :D Also, I was crocheting pretty tightly (I haven't been crocheting for long and I still struggle with controlling yarn tension), which I was afraid would mess up the fabric somehow but it turned out alright, and also perhaps the tightness was a good thing because it made the fabric very closely stitched so that the stuffing doesn't show except in a few rogue places where I'd stitched too loosely. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you are new to crochet (like me), watch the videos before and/or while you work! Even if the pattern looks fairly straightforward and you understand everything, if you don't watch the videos through, you may miss some of the many helpful tips that Stacey gives along the way. Also, although you may be tempted to start doing the body before you do the wings and beak, it is nice to do those small pieces first, because if you make a mistake, it's easier to fix. And don't get discouraged if you make mistakes! I made tons of them just on the first piece (the beak)--I kept having to start over because I misunderstood the instructions or just made poor stitches. I wanted to give up because it took so long just to make a dumb-looking little beak, but I kept going because I wanted to complete the cute bird... And one great thing is that all the individual pieces start with the very same first several steps, and most of the same techniques (sloppy slip knot, single crochet through the back loop, increasing and decreasing, etc. ) throughout, so it gives you a lot of practice with those techniques if you do the pieces in order. So when I got to the body, which I think is the most important part and takes the longest to complete, there was no more struggling---I felt very comfortable while making it, and felt great after completing the project!

What you will need

  • 1. CROCHET HOOKS. Boye aluminum crochet hooks
  • size G/6 (4.25 mm) for the beak and wings
  • and size H/8 (5 mm) for the body 2. METAL YARN NEEDLE. 3. 100% POLYESTER STUFFING (Fairfield "Crafter's Choice brand) 4. WORSTED WEIGHT 100% COTTON YARN
  • Sugar 'n Creme in Hot Green (body). Sugar 'n Creme in Yellow (beak). 5. WORSTED WEIGHT ACRYLIC YARN in black (not sure what brand
  • threw away the label) for eyes.

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