Between-Seasons Scarf

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Using stashed yarn!!! Wahooty!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Mesh is SUPER easy, fast, and fun. Make a scarf for you and make one to give away. I'm hooking up another today to bless someone else. :)

What you will need

  • Red Heart Soft
  • one full skein (256yds)
  • color "Berry" (no dye lot) Size H hook

Q&A with CorrineMB

CorrineMB answered:
Thank you! :)
KUWA asked:
love the pink! may i ask which yarn you used for this scarf??
CorrineMB answered:
No problem! Haha! As you probably read, it's Red Heart Soft in "Berry"--very inexpensive!
mimiloves5 asked:
I love this piece as a scarf, I think this will be my next project for gifting. Thanks for sharing!
CorrineMB answered:
Thanks so much!
NJBlonde1 asked:
Do you have a pattern for this scarf? Thanks!
CorrineMB answered:
I didn't use a pattern, but a stitch--the mesh stitch. I saw it in a book, but you could Google "crochet mesh stitch" and find a bunch! I then just figured how wide I'd need it. Very easy! Hope you love it!! :)
NJBlonde1 asked:
Thank you! I love your work!
CorrineMB answered:
I wish I could have been more helpful. I looked at my project notes just now (found them)--I chained 44. And I did about 79 rows. I just found you a site--I didn't use it, but it seems very straightforward: http://www.lotsofcrochetstitches.com/creative-crochet-stitch-patterns/double-crochet-mesh-010413 Copy and paste it into your browser. Thank you so much for your lovely words of praise!