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Crochet Thursday: How to Crochet a Spike Stitch

Learning how to crochet a spike stitch is easy to do, and it’s a stitch that can add a fun graphic pattern when you’re crocheting a garment. Spike stitches are made with what are essentially elongated single crochets. When you create a regular single crochet, you work into the stitch directly below the new row (so 1 row below). A spike stitch is worked either 2, 3 or 4 rows below the new row you are working. Different lengths of this stitch can be combined in a variety of ways to make fun, geometric designs.

Blue Crocheted Rectangle with Grey Spike Stitches

Crocheted spike stitch tutorial


  • sc: single crochet
  • ch: chain
  • C1: color 1 (brown)
  • C2: color 2 (blue)
  • SP-2: spike stitch 2 rows below
  • SP-3: spike stitch 3 rows below
  • SP-4: spike stitch 4 rows below


Chain 12.

Work 4 rows even of sc.

Grey Crocheted Rectangle with Needle

Join C2, ch1, then turn to begin new row.

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 1

Spike Row: SP-2 (work a sc into the 2nd row below hook)

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 2

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 3

Adding Blue Yarn - Step 4

SP-3 (work sc into the 3rd row below hook)

Spike Stitch - Step 1

Spike Stitch - Step 2

Spike Stitch - Step 3

SP-4 (work sc into the 4th row below hook)

Spike Stitch - Step 4

Spike Stitch - Step 5

Continue (SP-2, SP-3, SP-4) to the end of the row.

Finishing Spike Stitch

Work 4 more rows of sc before joining C1 and working another spike stitch row.

Adding Blue Atop Grey Rectangle

Keep in mind, the spike stitch creates a very stiff and non-stretchy fabric, so it’s probably not a good idea to use it for an item that you’d like to have a lot of drape or stretch.

For an easy pattern try the Spiked Crochet Cotton Dishcloth Pattern by Modern Grace Design or check out the Spike Newsboy Beanie and Bootcuffs Pattern by Cuddle Me Beanies for another easy and exciting pattern.

I’m considering using the spike stitch along the button band of a sweater I’m just about to finish. Where might you use this fun stitch?


Kathy Ramsey Phelps



How do you do the chain spike stitch?

Christine Knox

Could I make a suggestion for any future tutorials that you offer a printable version of the instructions only. When I printed out the instructions for this crochet spike tutorial it printed out on 12 pages, please condense the formatting to print on fewer pages to not waste ink and paper.


Christine Knox- Copy and paste the pattern into word,. Delete what you don’t want (Ads, Pics, ect) and consolidate. then print.


Amen to that. Too much wasted paper. Consider the landfills.

Laura L Hanna

Coming late to the party, but I am looking for an interesting NON-stretchy stitch to use in the making of an overnight bag and I think this will foot the bill. If anyone has any other ideas that might work, I would love to know.


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