Pluot Jam

Project Description

Share a little about the ingredients and techniques used to create this dish/item. Pluots from Sam's Club, grown in California's Central Valley ( I think they were Flavor Grenade variety), sugar, and lemon juice What are you most proud of? The jam tastes great! The most important elements seem to be getting the proper amount of lemon juice and macerating the fruit, as well continually checking for the proper gelling point. Thanks to this course I achieved the best jam I have ever made. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take the Craftsy course and buy the cookbook. Rachel is a wonderful, smart teacher and the value for money in this course and the information-packed book is excellent! Even if you don't use the recipes in the book, just buy it for the great photographs and the quality heavy matte paper. Of course you will want to use the recipes when you read them!! P.S. I used a cast-iron enameled 6.5 Qt., 11 inch wide pan purchased at Costco since I haven't yet invested in the copper pan. I started with 3 lbs of fruit and calculated the amount of sugar based on the recipe in the cookbook for pluot jam. The pan worked well for the amount of jam I cooked but it might not work as well for a larger batch like those in the Craftsy course. The jam seemed to stop cooking rapidly when I removed it from the heat to test for proper gelling.

What you will need

  • Pluots from Sam's Club
  • grown in California's Central Valley ( I think they were Flavor Grenade variety)
  • sugar

Q&A with deannawhi1495849

anamoncao asked:
Humm such a nice look! Pluots are a kind of nectarine? Sorry to ask but I could not identify the fruit.. I am going to try this recipe!
deannawhi1495849 answered:
Pluots are part plum and part apricot. They more closely resemble a plum and are about 60 to 75% plum. The different varieties are usually not labeled in the typical grocery store, but one variety that I've seen labeled is the Dinosaur Egg. There are several other varieties now grown by commercial growers and I found some good ones at Sam's Club last summer. Thanks for the comment!
SweetJasmine asked:
looks yummy. I haven't tried making anything yet
deannawhi1495849 answered:
Thanks! I had good luck with the pluots as far as a nice gel and texture. And flavor too. I'd recommend this type of fruit for a first jam.

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