Valentine's Rose cake

What you will need

  • Buttercream

Q&A with Sweet Tea Lady

Scheri Manson asked:
Oh my I just had to comment. I have a sweet tooth and a fondness for roses and buttercream. Ummmmm....
Sweet Tea Lady answered:
Thank you!
Olympia asked:
That cake is gorgeous!
Sweet Tea Lady answered:
Thank you!
MichellePattern asked:
Looks beautiful and delicious!
Sweet Tea Lady answered:
Thank you!
nor.ain61863603 asked:
Wow!!! this is awesome...........simply beautiful......did you use buttercream to make these beautiful roses??
Sweet Tea Lady answered:
Yes, just basic buttercream and the large open star tip.
Maimie asked:
I think that is one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. I never did learn how to make roses with buttercream. One day!
Sweet Tea Lady answered:
You can do it!

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