Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Stenciled on Buttercream What are you most proud of? This was the first time I EVER used a stencil and I managed to do it on buttercream. Yay!!! Still need to work on my free hand letters and numbers but.....

What you will need

  • Royal Icing

Q&A with BellaCakes

PinkPanta asked:
Cool but was the icing on it left not smooth intentionally?
BellaCakes answered:
No I had moved it to the decorating table and smoothed the other cakes and forgot about this one until after it had hardened : / Thankfully it was smooth enough to do the stenciling but I was bummed that you could see the air bubbles in the frosting.
Mirire asked:
This is amazing! How did you keep from smearing the buttercream while stenciling?
BellaCakes answered:
Thank you!! I was worried about that as well but I just let the buttercream stiffen up for half an hour and it went on perfectly.
AtecobyAbbi asked:
Wow, Stenciling came out awesome.
BellaCakes answered:
Thank you!
Wow! You're awesome.
BellaCakes answered:

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