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What was your inspiration? I've been flipping through my cake pictures (I've done well over 230 or more - lost count - weddings in the last 6 years) and have been looking for techniques that I think some of the craftsy members might be interested in seeing or give them ideas for their cakes. I did this cake for a couple who met ice skating. I made the snowflakes out of gumpaste and dusted them with luster and sparkle dust. Snowflakes are quick and easy to make and the cutters are not expensive and make a fun winter theme caked. Thanks so much for looking! Lisa

Q&A with lisascakes

chocolate art asked:
Is it buttrrcream. hey question got any ideas for a rolled fondant cake in shape of a huge cannoli??? I just am si jassed about doing fondant work i have had mybusiness for 20 years and just never did fondant work before i don 't know how to price it or techniques i just sent away for fondarific hopeing it gives me more workin time. keep playing your work is awesome
lisascakes answered:
Yes, the cake is iced in buttercream and the snowflakes are made of gumpaste. I found one picture of a cannoli shaped cake but don't know how to insert it here - you can always email me: lisa@lisascakes.com and I can send it that way. I always make my own fondant or I use Duff Goldman's fondant. Lisa
chocolate art asked:
LIsa I couldn"t email you at the address you gave it wouldn't go through HELP LOL
lisascakes answered:
that's weird....my email is lisa@lisascakes.com You can always go to my website www.lisascakes.com and there is a link at the bottom of every page where you can email me. There is also a contact page where you can send a message too.
Mamma Tessies asked:
Lisa, Another great looking cake! I see the question asked before, but there wasn't a reply. Where did you get your snowflake cutters? I too have a problem finding pretty ones - especially with cut out centers - or did you use another cutter for that?
lisascakes answered: