sleeping bubs cupcake toppers

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Fondant, food colour, tylose glue a small drinking straw for eyes and petal dust for blush. What are you most proud of? the simple design. It enables mass production What advice would you give someone starting this project? Enjoy it.....Its simple and great fun These can be done as the top of the cup cake or as a small topper that goes on top of the cup cake. first divide the fondant up into the amounts of colours you want. Then colour the fondant to skin colour and pink and/or blue. Then you need to find the food safe tools you need to put it together. For small toppers use a wooden skewer for the nose holes and a small drinking straw for the eyes. For the top of the cup cake use skewers again for the nose hole and a large straw or large piping tip( or whatever you can find that will make the size circle imprint you are after that is clean). To make small toppers... Roll balls of skin colour fondant to thumbnail size or a little bigger. Using the straw make two impressions for the eyes. Place the straw on an angle so the bottom of the circle goes in deeper then the top. Then make nose holes. Using pink fondant make a small bow in your hand then wet the back of the bow with a very small amount of water. place the bow on the baby's head and allow to dry. For boys make a blue circle out of fondant and wet the back. place on the baby's head. using a sharp knife make the small marks around the edge of the beanie. Then for the dummy, make a small ball out of fondant and squash it flat, stick with water to the mouth area. Then make a tiny ball and stick over the flat ball. For the tops of the cup cakes, use a cookie cutter to cut out flat circles the size of the cupcakes in the skin colour. Stick to the cup cake with jam or water, using a fondant smoother, smooth out the fondant. Then follow instructions as above (just on a larger scale) Then using pink petal dust rub on a small amount for red cheeks.

What you will need

  • Fondant
  • food colour
  • tylose glue a small drinking straw for eyes and petal dust for blush.

Q&A with Sally Ryan

ylwdog3 asked:
could you offer detailed instructions
Sally Ryan answered:
Done! I hope this is helful. Please ask any questions if you have them.
MrsAnk asked:
I would love to know how you made these. I have a friend exxpecting a bably boy in a few months and would love to make these for her shower.
Sally Ryan answered:
The instructions are written out on the full page.

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