Nike Show Cake

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Capturing as much simple details What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take your time carving, easy to carve out, more annoying to "glue" ice back!

Q&A with Gloria F.

mattsam asked:
Wow, simply wow. How did you get the glossy serpent look on the shoe?
Gloria F. answered:
Hi Mattsam, I actually use the basketball template press for cookies to make all those tiny marks. I also steamed the fondant with a hand steamer.
Expressbydesign asked:
That's gorgeous ! I would like to make that for my grandson. Please tell me how you did the shoe laces
Gloria F. answered:
shoe laces are the easiest on this cake. I used an extruder to make the laces and I cut my laces to reach each shoe lace hole (cris-cross). I pinched the portion of the "Lace" together and used the end of my paintbrush to place them in each hole. But the extruder is very helpful, if you have a michaels, use their 40% off for an extruder in the clay section. Same make and type they sell at online cake shops, but you get almost half off ;)