Created by: Buttercreamery

Michael Kors Grayson Bag

You Can Make This

Buttercreamery made Michael Kors Grayson Bag with:

Designer Handbag Cakes

Online Class

Designer Handbag Cakes

with Elisa Strauss

  • Fondant

Q&A with Buttercreamery

Moe's Bakery asked:
OMG, I would love to do this for my boss. Did you enjoy the class.
Buttercreamery answered:
I loved the class. It's the best one I've taken on here.
Cake Specialist asked:
Very nice. Did you cut the "MK" with a Cricut? Beautiful.
Buttercreamery answered:
Yes! See above response...
kels asked:
First let me say that this cake is FLAWLESS! Very Beautiful and sooo realistic! Awesome Job!!! I am making a Vanilla MK bag this week and cutting the logo with an exacto...WOW I totally under estimated the total of MK's needed. So you have an easier method?
Buttercreamery answered:
I cut the MKs with my Cricut Cake. It was a breeze because I could cout about 40 at a time. It took 200+! I couldn't imagine doing that with an exacto.
ChristaInez asked:
Nice! You did a really great job on this! Is the base modeling chocolate or fondant? Which pieces did you do as soft accents and which were hard accents?
Buttercreamery answered:
Sorry for the delayed response... I used Elisa yellow cake recipe for the cake and brown satin ice fondant to cover it. I'll be honest and say that after I carved it and covered, I didn't like the shape, so I removed the fondant, carved more and recovered it. You definitely need to carve more than you think. The handles and all gold items, except the zipper, were dried hard before application. Everythiing else was soft.
boladeduro asked:
Very nice job, one of the best I have seen so far. What gold colour did you use and from which company. I like the subtle gold look
Buttercreamery answered:
Super Gold luster dust

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