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Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Cake, buttercream icing and Richard Ruskell's Topsy-Turvy Cake Construction class including the majority of materials he suggested What are you most proud of? That I transported all the un-iced cake layers, icing, and tools I thought I would need, 200 miles the day before the wedding, stacked, crumb-coated, iced, piped and assembled this cake with 1-1/2 hrs to spare. It turned out exactly as planned plus it stayed upright and in perfect condition, despite the heat from the ovens that were being used in the same open room. Most important of all.... the bride and groom LOVED IT, as well as many many guests. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Plan WAYYYYY in advance. Buy cake dummies and stack them up, including the separator wedges, so you can get a much clearer idea of how it'll turn out.

What you will need

  • Fondant

Q&A with Delynn Tracy

CakesByDee asked:
Is this buttercream? Was it harder to handle? Beautiful work!
Delynn Tracy answered:
Yes it is. Yes it was. Thank you :)
Richard Ruskell asked:
What a nice version of ye olde topsie turvie!
Delynn Tracy answered:
Thank you! Your class & diagram, in particular, help a great deal... Thank you!
TSparks asked:
It's beautiful.
Delynn Tracy answered:
Thank you
dianambar747772 asked:
Love the piping.
Delynn Tracy answered:
Thank you :) It takes a little practice to make sure the swirls are round and connect. Looking at other swirl patterns in the cake world, I tend to notice right away when any swirls are not round (they have distracting flat spots which, draws my eye right to them).

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