Fall Leaves

Project Description

What was your inspiration? This cake was iced in buttercream and I made the leaves out of gumpaste. The leaves are very easy to make and fun to color. I started out with white gumpaste and cut my leaves using maple and oak tree cutters. I crumble up paper towels and lay the leaves on them lettting some of the edges hang over. This gives more realistic leaves instead of straight flat leaves. When dry, I color them with petal dust and then quickly pass them through steam to set the color. Let them dry again and they are ready for the cake! Hope this info helps and thanks for looking!! Lisa

Q&A with lisascakes

Virginia Finlay asked:
That would be nice for the Feast of Tabernacles!! Beautiful
lisascakes answered:
Thank you!
hbrandon01896412 asked:
Where do I find petal dust and can you specifically tell me how to "pass them through steam??" Thanks!!
lisascakes answered:
Petal dust can be found at your bakery supply place... Even Wilton carries a few colors. I will boil water on the stove and then quickly pass the gumaste through the steam to set the color. Some people use a garment steamer for the same thing but I like my method best. Thanks for looking!
Caren Beatty asked:
Is the technique you used on the leaves easier then doing them out of tinteded fondant? I have a wedding coming up, and client wants fall leaves on 100 cupcakes instead of a cake....Looking for the cutters now and a way to work smarter, not harder... :)
lisascakes answered:
Dusting the leaves gives a more realistic look to the leaves because you can blend the colors together instead of just a one color fondant. Each leaf will have several colors - it is a bit more time consuming but it does go faster once you get the hang of it and have all the colors and brushes out. Good luck with the cupcakes! Lisa
CakesOnTheLane asked:
Did you use buttercream to attach the leaves to the cake?
lisascakes answered:
Yes, just a dab of buttercream on the back sticks it to the cake buttercream. :) Lisa

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