Daughter's Birthday Cake

What was your inspiration? My daughter loves turtles.

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What was your inspiration? My daughter loves turtles.

Q&A with reanie51

evgeniya asked:
reanie51 answered:
thanks :)
Pdgrovebaskets asked:
I absolutely love this. It seems as if a great many cakes you do they're "just for fun!" Who actually eats all of these cakes? That's one of my biggest problems with baking and decorating. If I could I would bake every day of the week but as a single person living alone AND having now to eat gluten free I can't eat my things. Then, my family members are either diabetic, trying to lose weight, or health nuts. They love the things I make for holiday meals or when I bake things for various functions but I have to limit when I send out to their homes. I hate to see food go to waste so it's a difficult balance. I have a special love for lighthouses so I just adore this. Is the lighthouse itself cake or Rice Krispie Treats?
reanie51 answered:
I have a very big family and a lot of friends :) The lighthouse is Rice Krispie Treats.

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