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Project Description

What was your source for this recipe? Online recipe What is the name of the online recipe? Shoe tutorial by Iris Rezoagli of Cakes Dreams By Iris Link to the recipe hosted-p0.vresp.com/362714/d9a6db4234/ARCHIVE Special instructions for the recipe When I bought my shoe kit it was different to how it is now sold. The sole for mine came in the form of a silicon mould which was how I was able to make the sole out of solid chocolate (I melted the chocolate into the mould and when the chocolate and cooled just a little (enough that it wouldn't run when tilted) placed the mould onto the former to set the shape; the sole in the new kits is now a cookie cutter for use with gumpaste. My advice would be to make sure you temper the chocolate properly (or even better, just use gumpaste for the sole!). On my first attempt I overheated the chocolate and it didn't hold its shape coming out of the heel or coming out of the sole mould - all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put them together again! On my second attempt (the one pictured) the heel was solid and strong. I didn't feel that the sole was going to be strong enough, so I formed a 'shell' out of modelling chocolate to encase and support it (which is why the finish is not as clean as I would have liked). The chocolate sole did crack once en route to my friend, but the modelling chocolate held the two pieces of the sole together so that it was still able to stand upright. Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Shoe mould, Chocolate, Candy Melts, Corn Syrup What are you most proud of? That the shoe is able to stand on its own, and that I was able to join the sole and the heel together using melted chocolate to fill the gap, and modelling chocolate (my first time using it) to almost seamlessly hide the join. I think because of having to create a 'shell' for the solid chocolate sole, this was much more difficult than it would have been had the sole been made out of gumpaste. Conversely though, making the shoe details out of modelling chocolate was a lot easier and faster I think, than it would have been had I used gumpaste or fondant. It held its shape SO well and hardly had to be supported. Love modelling chocolate and will never look back - a huge thank you to Jessica Harris for introducing it to me!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is where I purchased the shoe kit: http://www.thefoamstudio.com/high-heel-shoe-kit-for-gumpaste-fondant/ If you just follow Iris' instructions (about 1/3 down the newsletter) you'll be fine! The basic shoe shape is easy enough to make and the rest is just up to your imagination!

What you will need

  • Shoe mould
  • Chocolate
  • Candy Melts
  • Corn Syrup

Q&A with kitstar

CDodd12 asked:
Great job! I love it!
kitstar answered:
Thank you! =)
Cake magic asked:
Beautiful - the feathers are great
kitstar answered:
Thank you! I was so tempted to buy a mould (as used in the tutorial) but ended up doing it all by hand and I don't think it was any worse for it! =D