Airbrushing & Cakes

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Airbrush equipment Airbrush paint Covered cake

What you will need

  • Airbrush equipment Airbrush paint Covered cake

Q&A with Lisa Berczel

Adairdet asked:
Beautiful work. I love how the photograph of it is reflected on the surface it is resting on.
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you. My husband will be quite pleased you like the reflection!
Kate Maeda asked:
This looks really great (and I agree about the great photographic style). I'm guessing that the techiniques learned here could be transfered to t-shirts or walls or whatever... Are all of the designs shown airbrush or are their other techniques here? Is this done over fondant or does it work on other surfaces? I've never done fondant, does it cut well? I think that's about all!
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you! The techniques I used were inspired by automotive pin striping, calligraphy and faux wall texturing - so YES! Adapt away! This project has both airbrushing, sponging and hand painting for the crisp lines - all over white fondant. I would say this technique would work over any surface - but would have to be adapted slightly for buttercream.
sneakygecko4 asked:
Very beautiful, lovely crisp lines, nice job :)
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you!
Nola Cordell asked:
Love this effect!
Lisa Berczel answered:
Thank you! I love layering....
09.frias@gmail.com asked:
How Man proyects for this clases and wath kind of equipment os needed
Lisa Berczel answered:
This was a personal project of mine - it layers airbrushing with colored cocoa butter, then hand sponge texturing. On top of the background is 3 layers of hand painted designs. The flowers are color cocoa butter airbrushed and hand painted on edible icing sheets. You don't have to use airbrush if you don' ,

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