3D Sculpted Greg The Wimpy Kid

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Threaded rod, MDF, plywood, cake boards, assorted hardware items, course recipes (cake and butter cream), modeling chocolate, fondant What are you most proud of? The curvature of his body (see the side view) and the topsy-turvey cake he's holding. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be well planned right down to every last 1/8 inch measurement! And be knowledgeable about your materials and their advantages/weaknesses.

What you will need

  • Threaded rod
  • MDF
  • plywood
  • cake boards
  • assorted hardware items
  • course recipes (cake and butter cream)
  • modeling chocolate
  • fondant

Q&A with Kara Andretta

2muchsugar asked:
Absolutely love it! Would you mind sharing what material you used for the support leg? I'm amazed at the "bend" you achieved!
Kara Andretta answered:
It's the same threaded rod that Mike uses. It's bent using a pipe bender... My crazy and handy hubby :)
ChefBren asked:
Great Job, and you can use this structure again, right?
Kara Andretta answered:
I wouldn't. I make cakes professionally and I would never use a structure twice. All of my cakes are sent out with the intention of discarding the structure-- Id on't want my clients to have to worry about hanging on to something or returning it. Besides, I learned a lot and I would push myself to do it different next time and see if I could make more sense out of it.
Alizzia asked:
Great Cake. How did you manage to keep the balance with the cake in his hand?
Kara Andretta answered:
It was purely a matter of bending the rod properly and making sure that (as Mike said, lol) over-build it! My hubby is a civil engineer, so he was all for making something that seemed impossible.
Alizzia asked:
Sorry. I must pay better attention. I've just noticed the explanatory pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Kara Andretta answered:
No worries :)
Fabianar asked:
Kara amazing job!!! I need and advice about prices for this kind of cakes... I need to estimate a future order and I never did a 3D cake before... so I really need a guide for that.... I need to do a Goldwing Motorcycle....
Kara Andretta answered:
Hi! It really has all to do with the cost of your supplies (which you'll have to research based on your design--the structure--and on the cost of your ingredients) as well as, and mostly, your time. Check out the CakeUlator app for iphone/ipad. It's wonderfully helpful in determining everything so that you actually make a profit and don't end up giving your services away.

Skill Level