1955 Chevy Pickup

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes, and techniques used to create this cake Cake, modeling chocolate, fondant and gumpaste

What you will need

  • Cake
  • modeling chocolate
  • fondant and gumpaste

Q&A with Rockport

Miriam Nwokoro asked:
Amazing! Perfectly finished. I love the pick up, it's so real.
Rockport answered:
Thank you so much. It only took me about twice the time that I expected it would! Haha!
Luis M asked:
Wow!!! Just wow!!! Perfection :)
Rockport answered:
Thank you!
Aggiee asked:
Absolutely beautiful! I just love this chevvy pick up! :-) yes tell us more about it.. did you cover it with sugarpaste?
Rockport answered:
YesAggie, it was covered with sugarpaste that was tinted to match the actual vehicle. Many of the tiny little details were made with gumpaste such as the mirrors. The key to making this was to get the proportions correct. We blew up a drawing to the size that we wanted and used that as a guideline to make sure the wheels were in the right position as well as everything else!
shezzabryan asked:
Absolutely brilliant Rockport
Rockport answered:
Thank you!
Pilar VC asked:
Hi! It's just wonderful! I was just asked by a client to do one, could you please help me out as to where you found the blueprints? Of course, if you don't mind =) Thanks and congratulations!
Rockport answered:
Hi, this is probably too late for you now. Sorry, I have not been online for awhile because we have been so busy. No blueprints. We took a side view and front and back view photo off the internet, we then increased the size of the photos until we were able to get a size that we wanted to work with. Hope this helps and sorry to have not responded earlier.

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