Project Description

What was your source for this recipe? Other Do you sell this cake? No, just for fun

What you will need

  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate
  • Fondant

Q&A with Mgalanopoulos

skycakesc1915746 asked:
how cute congratulation
Mgalanopoulos answered:
Thank you! Did it for a 3 yr olds bday party...super fun!
beth796889 asked:
This is just adorable!!! I have been decorating cakes as a hobby for more than 20 years and I think your cake rocks!! I may do it for my husbands birthday (he's pushing for another dog). Keep on decorating!!!!
Mgalanopoulos answered:
Thank you! I love dogs so always looking for a reason to include them in my work!!
maxnjacks0 asked:
how did you form the tail?
Mgalanopoulos answered:
I used chocolate fondant (fondarific brand) and hand shaped it. I didn't work the fondant much so it was pretty stiff and could be attached with a toothpick right away