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Make Your Own Enchanting (And Easy!) Unicorn Cake

Have you spotted those adorable buttercream unicorn cakes all over the web? Did you know that they are actually ridiculously easy to make? Seriously!

Unicorn cake tutorial that's easy and fun to make

These trendy unicorn cakes are so quick and simple to create that you may just think it’s pure magic! Amp up the cute factor with candy, lollipops, dainty macarons or cool cookies. Check out our tutorial below to make your own whimsical unicorn cake.


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Easy unicorn cake tutorial

Materials and tools needed:

Step 1: Make the unicorn horn.

Let’s begin by making the main feature for your unicorn cake: the horn! Insert a wooden skewer into a cake dummy, which will help you decide how tall to make the horn.

Buttercream unicorn cake tutorial

Roll out a tapered rope of caramel-colored fondant.

Easy buttercream unicorn cake tutorialEasy unicorn cake tutorial

 Twist the tapered rope around the wooden skewer until you reach the top.

Guide to making a unicorn cake

Next, you can paint your unicorn’s horn gold! Of course, you can opt for another color like silver, pink or even a vibrant rainbow stripe.

Step 2: Make the ears

To make the ears, first roll out some white and pastel-tinted fondant (we did mint-green). Cut two large ears using large rose petal cutters from the white fondant. Then cut two smaller inner ears from the pastel-colored fondant.

How to decorate a unicorn cake

Use a veining tool to indent the centers of the ears. Pinch the tips before leaving to set on flower formers (or an egg crate).

How to easily decorate a unicorn cakeMake a fun unicorn cake

Step 3: Make the eyes

For the eyes, roll out two thin ropes of black fondant. Pinching each one in half and taper the ends to form V shapes. Set aside to firm up a little before adding to your cake.

Quick unicorn cake tutorial

Step 4: Pipe the mane

Fill up a piping bag fitted with a rose piping tip with buttercream.

How to create a fun unicorn cake

Around the edge and down one side of the cake, pipe simple buttercream rosettes. These will be part of your unicorn’s mane. If you’re adding things like cookies or macarons, remember to leave some space for them among the buttercream rosettes.

Step 5: Add some sprinkles

Time for some sprinkles!

Tutorial for unicorn cake

We used white sugar stars for a star-themed unicorn cake, but feel free to use rainbow confetti or whatever shapes and colors you’d like! You can even toss on a little edible glitter too.

How to create a cute unicorn birthday cake

Step 6: Add the horn

Now you can add your horn! Push your wooden skewer and horn into the center of the cake.

How to make a fun and easy unicorn cake

If you’ve given enough time for your horn to set, you can even simply buttercream it in place without the skewer.

Step 7: Finish it off

Now pile on the goodies! You can add swirly lollipops, edible glitter, various candy pieces, chocolate truffles, macarons or decorated cookies. 

Learn how to make a unicorn cake

We nestled star vanilla macarons with mint-colored buttercream and gold painted star cookies on top of ours.

Now get ready to have a magical party with your very own unicorn!


Unleash your creativity

Explore exclusive videos and classes in 16+ categories, from painting and drawing to knitting and cooking, with a FREE trial.Learn More


Janis S. TheCookieMomster

OMG….I L-O-V-E this cake! It is so creative. It has a lot of “WOW factor” by using just a few distinguishable traits. The buttercream roses used to resemble the mane are genius! I am definitely making this cake for my kiddo’s next birthday. Thanks for sharing Felicity and Krystle. 🙂


How good does it look!! I just had to comment cos I see my name! I never ever see the same spelling. You must have a very special little girl ???


What brand of gold dust, luster or spray did you use for the horn?


Can you use royal icing to make the rosettes instead of buttercream. I want to make this for my niece but I’m afraid if I make it with buttercream it won’t make the 4 hour drive. TIA

Miss Overballe

I think you could use piped meringues instead? And then maybe assemble upon arrival?


I agree with Miss Overballe. Also Krogers/King Soopers has a buttercream that I used for this cake. Made it last night, took it to a water park today and it lasted all day. Well until the kids ate it all.


Do you use swiss meringue buttercream or american style buttercream?


What size diameter cake and how many layers is this? Thank you! Beautiful cake!


I’m using Wilton’s 6” layer pans with five colours.

Hemlata Singh

Cool way to make Unicorn cake! Thanks for sharing.. Have a good day



Deb Cote

Making this lovely creation this weekend, requested by my 12 yo GD. Hopefully the gold spray will look somewhere close to the gold paint which I can not find locally. Thanks so much for the tutorial.


If you have a Sainsbury’s close by try there for gold paint. I’ve noticed It in their cake section before. Good luck with the cake. I’m making this for my daughter in 4wks ☺️


Can I have it lol ??

Reply Gurgaon

Excellent recipe!!!! My kids loves this cake very muchh. This cake is better also for kids than others. Thanks alot!!!


How far in advance can you make the horn and eats?


Gorgeous cake! Just FYI you forgot to put in your tutorial when the ears should be placed on the cake and how.


Buttercream unicorn cakes look incredibly amazing. And I never knew this is so easy to make. The instant impression this gorgeous cake decor gives off is; it will take one forever to create it. However the way you have narrated its making, this just seems like a simple cake decor.


Making this for my daughters birthday this weekend… wish me luck!!!


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