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A New Perspective on Self-Expression
Revealing: The Art of Identity
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Joy & Journaling

Watch as Denver-based artist Judith Cassel-Mamet creates her annual birthday self-portrait — a practice she started years ago to celebrate both her past and future stories.

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Introducing Revealing

In this Craftsy Original mini-series, we investigate identity through the lens of four artists, taking a glimpse into their process as they embark on one of the most personal artistic exercises — the self-portrait.

Personal Reflections

A mixed media artist known for his colorful scenes, Tony Ortega challenges himself to explore the individual (himself) rather than the cultural collective he typically depicts.

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Exploring Perception

Does a self-portrait reveal anything about the artist? Painter Anne Harris investigates the complexities of perception and self-perception through her process.

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Finding Inner Beauty

How does beauty evolve over time? Watercolorist Kateri Ewing shares her story of self-discovery, taking a unique approach to depicting herself.

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