We’re Craftsy

We’re Craftsy. We’re a community of people who love to make things. We’re learning from, inspiring and helping each other….

Sounds interesting, right? Want to know more?

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Here’s a taste of a few of our crafting courses…!

Paper Arts
with Alton DuLaney

Crochet Lab
with Vickie Howell

Crochet: Beyond Rectangles
with Linda Permann

Jewelry Workshop
with Max Goodman

Knit Lab
with Stefanie Japel

Sewing Studio
with Diana Rupp
and much more!



We Learn.
We take online courses together from amazing instructors. We constantly strive to be even better at what we do.
We Inspire.
We share our projects and take pride in what we make.
We Help.
We share suggestions, tips & tricks – helping other Craftsy members complete projects.
We Create.
We Knit. We Quilt. We Crochet. We Make Jewelry. We Sew. We Decorate. We’re Creative. We’re Unique.

We’re Craftsy.




I know that there are a lot of children that have special needs such as ADHD, ASBERGERS, AUTISM, etc. I am able to make weighted blankets, lap blankets-weighted, and also vests. If u see a need I will make some lap blankets to try them. I make them for an elementary school in Vermont where my daughter works. I give my time and material for underprivileged children. Please contact me at my email address. Thank you!! Be glad to help as much as possible

Kay Landreth

I love how I can relax EVERY evening with feet up in my recliner with my choice of knitting, embroidery, checking out my latest recipe from my cooking class, and learning my next Craftsy lesson with my tablet on my lap – my choice – no pressures…………


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