Celebrate I Love Yarn Day With a New FREE Yarn Guide!

Whether you knit or crochet, the fastest and easiest way to set your project up for success is by choosing the right yarn. In this FREE PDF guide written by three fabulous fiber gurus, you’ll learn all the essentials you need for savvy yarn selection, substitution and identification. Reference the 15+ pages of tips, tricks and tutorials anytime, anywhere, and come back whenever you need (you can even print it!).

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What makes guides so great?

  • FREE
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Printable
  • Reference anytime, anywhere, forever
  • Photo-filled
  • Written by experts
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What will I learn?

These 15+ photo-filled pages cover:

  • Uses and characteristics of different yarn weights
  • Trusted tips for choosing the right fiber
  • Steps to substitute yarns
  • How to identify mystery yarns
  • Two handy shortcuts to the WPI (wraps per inch) method
  • Fun ways to mix your yarns

Download my fiber guide »


Annette Armstrong

Every time I tried to download the fiber guide adobe said the file was empty.

Alexandra Barnes

Did you click on Enroll Now red Box? Regards AB


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