The Secrets to Gift-Giving Success for Crafters

‘Tis the season for gifting! If you’re an artist or crafter, chances are you love the idea of giving your art as gifts. But where to begin? What types of items are best suited to gifting?

Homemade gifts

Tips for effectively giving homemade gifts this holiday season!

Photo via Craftsy Blog

Here, we’ll take the mystery out of giving art as a gift this holiday season by offering specific tips for gifting success. Whether you’re a painter, a knitter, a baker, or another type of crafter, you’ll find tips and suggestions that will help make your homemade gifts a hit with the recipients!

1. Consider the recipient.

No matter what type of art or craft you make, the best ways to guarantee that your homemade gift will be a success is to strongly consider the recipient. The fact is, some people will “get it” and others might not.

For instance, your ornery cousin who always says “but you could buy this for a dollar” about homemade items might not be the most appreciative gift recipient for your hand-painted masterpiece. Consider who in your life might truly give your craft a good and loving home! 

Customize a gift

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2. Personalize it.

One of the best ways to ensure homemade gift success is by making it extra personal. For instance, if you’re a painter giving artwork to friends, make sure to gift them a subject matter or style that is meaningful to them, or incorporating a quote or personalization unique to them.

For example, a few years ago I designed an art print featuring a cupcake riding a unicorn, but personalized the little flag to say the recipient’s name. This small personal touch transformed the gift from cute to deeply personal!

Food gifts

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3. Make something delicious.

If you’re a baker or cook, homemade food gifts are always well-received. However, it’s important to carefully consider what you’ll offer as gifts.

Typically, items that store and keep well — such as homemade granola, cake or cookie mixes, pickles, jams, or spiced nuts — are great choices. For one thing, they can be made in large batches and placed in decorative containers, which are great for gifting. For another, people typically have an excess of perishable food around during the holidays, so these longer-keeping items will be more likely to last into January, when all of the holiday goodies are gone. 

Homemade mittens

Photo via Craftsy Blog

4. Give them something cozy.

For knitters, crocheters or sewers in particular, the holidays are a great time to gift goodies that will help keep your recipient warm and cozy. Homemade mittens, scarves, hats or socks are always a great pick.

Once again, consider the recipient and give them something you think that they will wear. That is, don’t give Aunt Matilda who never wears hats a homemade beanie. Also, look at their wardrobe for cues to the colors or styles they favor. 

Hand painted yoga mat

5. Make functional art.

If you’re a painter, drawer, photographer or designer, consider thinking off the canvas and onto an alternate surface to make a functional gift. For instance, you might make a hand-painted yoga mat or candle holder, or you might create holiday ornaments using your homemade collages. Making a homemade object that has a functional use is a great way to offer something unique to your friends! 

Homemade gifts

6. Become a product designer.

Personally, I’m an illustrator. I have given framed illustrations and prints as gifts in the past, but after a time, I felt the need to diversify my gift offerings. I’ve found that if I put on my product designer hat and create objects featuring my art, all of a sudden, magic happens.

Sites such as Society 6 or Vistaprint allow you to create a myriad of products using your own artwork, and have templates so you can size to fit. I’ve designed mugs, yoga pants and stickers, which have all gone over extremely well as gifts! 

Gift wrapping

Photo via The Craftsy Blog

7. Wrap it beautifully. 

A homemade gift is very special, and its wrapping should reflect that. Consider using handmade gift tags, a signature color of wrapping paper or pretty gift bags to wrap your items in style (or one of these ideas). This will ensure that your homemade gift is delivered in a fashion that showcases the specialness of the item.

Do you have a tip for giving homemade items as holiday gifts? Leave a comment! 


Arden Allen

I enjoyed this as usual. It is always a pleasant part of my morning to read the blog and I have been missing it a lot lately.
There have been several days without blog entries. Please keep posting, nothing goes better with my morning coffee than a few good entries to start the day.

Pat Mofjeld

Where could I find the pattern for the mittens shown in the email from Craftsy titled “The Secrets to Gift Giving for Crafters” under “Give Them Something Cozy”, photo credit “Photo via Crafts Blog”? Thank you!!!


Fabulous ideas. Thanks.

Bela Cully

Hi thanks for the encouragement. This years I decided to make all my Christmas gifts, so I made Christmas cakes, plus lots of fancy olive oils and vinegars, chilli sauces and marmalades, plus others, hope they get enjoyed.
Thanks and have a Happy Christmas.

jade sara

TUnless you clean those movement mugs pretty completely and every now and again, they get manky rapidly.

Sufficiently interesting, paper mugs are make less mischief the earth on the off chance that they are reused than clay mugs, which cost a great deal of vitality to make, and enjoy a very long time to reprieve down.


Love DIY gift wrapping! Realizing that someone spent time and effort to wrap a gift for you is amazing.

Braden Bills

I want to get some nice cards to my friends and family. It makes sense that I would want to ensure that the card matches the personality of the person receiving it! That way I know that they will appreciate it more.


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