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Created by: rjj408634986

Sewing Distractions

Learning new skills. Using fabrics that make me smile. Free Motion Quilting

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rjj408634986 made Sewing Distractions with:

*BONUS*  Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet

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*BONUS* Bionic Needle Organizer Wallet

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Project Description

Learning new skills. Using fabrics that make me smile. Free Motion Quilting

Q&A with rjj408634986

balacolli708478333 asked:
Hiya, I love how you have made this your own version. I was wondering if you would mind me asking why you have added the colours to theneedle storage panel please. I am only just starting to get into using the correct needles for the rigght job, so I was wondering if this would help me somehow. I would be forever grateful for your help. Many Thanks, Diane xx
rjj408634986 answered:
Hi Diane- I added the colors to match the Schmetz needle color codes. Not really necessary but I thought it would be fun to experiment with a different look. The inkjet printer colors will not hold up to water as they are not pigment like the black. For a more permanent option I would experiment with fabric markers of some type. Enjoy the project, I hope this answers your question . Robin
balacolli708478333 asked:
Hiya Robin. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Oh, thats a great idea. I hadn't even noticed that there were any colors on my needles until reading your reply lol. I have also just noticed that your needle storage panel is different to the 1 in the pattern and was wondering how you made it as I think your version would work better for me, not that there's anything wrong with the pattern designers design, I just like yours better hehe. I am normally pretty good with working out how to do this type of thing, but due to poor health, I can't get my head in the game to do it myself. Thanks again, Diane xx
rjj408634986 answered:
Hi Diane- Sorry for the late reply. So sorry that you are not at 100% health. I hope that getting back into creating and sewing will help you with a speedy recovery! I thought I replied yesterday, but for some reason I don't see the reply here! To make my grid, I printed and measured the grid associated with the pattern and then I used a spreadsheet program to set up my own grid. It can also be done using the table feature in a word processing program. Mine measures slightly larger, but it worked fine. There is a fair mount of extra space. Like recipes, I use the patterns as a guide to adjust the flavors to my needs. ;) I recently found a different needle company that does not use colors so the colors are less important than the sizes. Be creative and you can't go wrong enjoy! Robin xx
casoto39051536 asked:
Where do you get the material for the Needle Wallet
rjj408634986 answered:
Both the daisy outside and the multi colored inside fabrics I bought over 20 years ago at a local discount store, had them in my collection. The "needle parking" area I printed off my inkjet from an excel workbook onto freezer paper backed white fabric. It isn't colorfast and probably would run if it got wet, but for this project it seemed to work fine. Sorry to disappoint if you were looking to get the fabric.

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