My New Grey Knit Jacket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Creating a professional looking garment from lessons in this wonderful class. Now I know I can easily create original pieces making patterns from garments that fit my body perfectly then add other elements either created or pinned out from another garment. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Try something relatively easy then you will see how it works. Match the fabric type from the original especially if it is a knit fabric. Write a construction instruction sheet by looking inside to see how the original was made.

What you will need

  • Merino wool stretch knit

Q&A with Gretchen NZ

MamaJeanie1959 asked:
And take lots if pic's!
Gretchen NZ answered:
Hi Mama Jeanie I just realised my reply didn't get to you! Yes you are right I take photos of the construction and what it should end up as and pop these in with my new pattern. Sorry I missed you before.
Mhval asked:
Great copy!
Gretchen NZ answered:
Thanks Mhval! Nice job of yours too : ) I've had fun using this technique in many ways since.
Steffani Lincecum asked:
Well done! I couldn't tell which is which.
Gretchen NZ answered:
Thanks Steffani, I've had lots of fun and success with this course. Thanks.
Gisell asked:
These are very cool. Good job.
Gretchen NZ answered:
Thanks Gisell I see you are having fun too : )
Little Boots asked:
If I saw that in a store I would buy it in a heartbeat! Amazing job!
Gretchen NZ answered:
Thanks Little Boots for your lovely complement. I enjoyed making it. Happy Sewing : )