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Printable To-Do List

by Craftsy

Why You'll Love It

Category: All

What it is:

A FREE printable to-do list template for planning your weekly craft project schedule!

Organization Made Easy:

You never have to be overwhelmed or left without the supplies you need again. With this (free!) downloadable to-do list template, you can effortlessly map out your weekly plan and tackle that project checklist with ease. Featuring day-to-day spaces plus an extra spot for notes, no little details or reminders will slip through the cracks. And, because the template is "dateless," you'll never have to spend another penny on buying an expensive yearly planner!

Use It For:

From fabrics and patterns to supplies and tools, you can use the printable for all your project planning. Work through your task step-by-step, breaking down each part of the process day-by-day. You'll finish projects with efficiency like never before as you quickly and easily mark-off each step in your crafting process.