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tied cushion

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

with Peggy Martin

  • I used my late father in law's ties. Sailors Delight paper piecing
  • although m versions is a little different. perhaps its meant to be as father in law was in the Army during WWII.

Q&A with Caraline2

Peggy Martin asked:
That is so wonderful that you used your father-in-law's ties in your project! It is really beautiful and so special. I love the prairie points around the edges, too. One tip that may help in the future when working with ties or other silks - many people will stabilize the silk by ironing a lightweight or featherweight fusible interfacing to the back before cutting and sewing, to help prevent stretching and other problems.
Caraline2 answered:
oh yes thank you for the reminder. I did this with another one I did, but as it was so stiff, it was hard to put through the machine and hasnt been finished yet, I used fusible web with calico, so you can imagine it being very bulky. Perhaps its time to finish it and get it out of my way. I am just about to complete the dream weaver with ties too. but I am thinking as it will be a cushion too. that the octagon shape will stay. I used the blades of the dresden plate to do the points, although I could have used prairie points, find them a fiddle. well either way it was a fiddle. I have also got the dresden plate in mind for another tie one too. as I can us up the scraps. and thank you for your kind thoughts. We didnt have a good relationship, but my girls did, and really thats is all that counts.
patz in suffolk asked:
What a brilliant idea! I showed my husband and he said he would go and lock up his ties in case I got inspired by you! Seriously though - what a lovely way of remembering your father-in-law. Excellent paper piecing too!
Caraline2 answered:
oh no, poor man. just tell him you are just waiting and waiting and waiting. hehehehe. As you will see with my response to Peggy, that we didnt have a good relationship. but it was my way for my girls to have something he had and i made. being special to them.
Bsmurphy2 asked:
Your project is beautiful!
Caraline2 answered:
thank you!!:)

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