Retro Playtime

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Everything came together really well, the colors, fabric patterns, and quilt pattern seemed all well suited to each other. What advice would you give someone starting this project? This pattern is so easy and I think would lend itself well to a number of variations in the fabric. It's very easy to increase the size by simply adding more 4 patches then measuring the sides to figure your border cuts and sew it up! As you can tell I'm still learning the "quilting" part of quilting so did very basic stitches. But those who can free motion I can see the potential for some really fun patterns in the borders.

What you will need

  • Cotton quilting fabric with retro and traditional prints plus a solid. Batting. Rotary cutter and mat. Cotton machine quilting thread. Sewing machine.

Q&A with DenMck

vgtouch asked:
once blocks are made, how do you add borders?
DenMck answered:
First you need to decide how many borders you want to add and what width you want them to be. Then, the easy way is to measure the right and left sides to see how long they are and cut your border fabric that length. Sew the right and left sides on, press them out, then measure the top and bottom to find the length you need for those pieces. Sew those on, then continue to remeasure, cut, and sew in the same order for all other borders. When you first start measuring, if your sides are not exactly the same length you have to decide it that's okay with you to not have everything exactly even (which is probably fine for a baby quilt). If you want more precise "squaring" of your quilt there is a little more complicated way to do it.

Skill Level