Notebook with patchwork cover

What are you most proud of? The retro look.

You Can Make This

3patch made Notebook with patchwork cover with:

  • linen
  • buttons
  • paper

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The retro look.

Q&A with 3patch

blessosu asked:
I love the "Loop" closure!
3patch answered:
I have many buttons and decided to make such closure.
Chumkie asked:
Love the choice of fabrics! Can be used at the workplace and would be suitable for both men and women.
3patch answered:
Thank you so much! It was made for a young woman.
4bird2 asked:
An artist's journal, I love the earth tones.
3patch answered:
Earth tones are acceptable for linen fabric I used. I like them, too. I have red, green, blue linen, but they look different way.

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