March 2013 BOM - Economy Blk Option B

Q&A with Coops Grammy

patz in suffolk asked:
I must say i wasn't sure about starting the 2013 BOM as I wasn't too sure if I felt the finished project was very inspirational. However, having seen this block (as executed by you), I feel I might be more inspired! It's excellent and I'm indebted to you for making me wonder again whether I should do it! Well done!
Coops Grammy answered:
Thanks. Glad I've made you begin to rethink making some of the 2013 BOM blks. I found this blk very easy to put together and I can see myself making this blk again in a future project. I look forward to seeing your blks.
QuiltDude asked:
Great block. Very stunning color combination. Like Patz In Suffolk stated, this block makes me want to give the 2013 BOM a second look. Thanks for sharing. :-) :-) :-)
Coops Grammy answered:
Thanks. The nice thing about doing the 2013 BOM or 2012 BOM is that you learn new blks and you can always adjust the quilt to suit your needs. I'm enjoying this class and Laura is a good teacher with great tips. Give it a try and I look forward to seeing your blks.

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