Joy of Color

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I got 2 finished products from 1 piece of original dyed fabric. I over dyed 1/2 in chartreuse and 1/2 in orange. The colors are actually more vibrant after I removed the wax.

What you will need

  • wax
  • fiber reactive dyes
  • pima cotton
  • cardboard
  • found objects
  • rain

Q&A with Tana Doss

AdhillsGal asked:
Hi, Your fabrics are great! I have watched all of the lessons but have not had time to actually try this technique yet. Seeing how bright and cheery your fabrics look has me thinking that I must make time to start creating my own.
Tana Doss answered:
You will so love creating your own fabrics! I would rather be doing this than anything :)

Skill Level