FMQ Practice piece 3

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am feeling a bit more confident to try FMQ in an actual piece (not just a practice one). It is also easier to understand how to move the quilt and how the machine will respond to it. Something really neat is that I'm finally getting over the dreaded "bird nest" stage. I am getting the gist of how to move the piece at different speeds/directions in order to obtain the results I'm looking for. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Practice a bit every day; it will all become somewhat easier a bit at a time! :)

What you will need

  • Cotton batting
  • cotton fabric
  • Isacord thread.

Q&A with Yiya Cucuy

Sandra Mejias asked:
It look awsome!!!
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Thanks Sandra! :)
Projectpam asked:
I love this! Great inspiration and great job!
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Thank you Pam :)
desna asked:
This is wonderful and I am having fmq envy. You have inspired me to keep practicing:)
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Desna, that's so sweet, thank you! :)
Purdy Cheese asked:
You're getting to be a bit of an expert at this......we'll all be sending you our quilt tops to do!! Fabulous work:0)
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Well, thanks! You'll get a special discount... hehehe :)
jng62963@aol.com asked:
WOW! Super Job, I hope someday my work will look like that. Please keep sending pictures in, it's an inspiration for me to keep practicing.
Yiya Cucuy answered:
Thank you Sewing Genie, you encourage me to keep practicing as well with those kind words :)

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