Finished Blue Green Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I got up at 3:00a this morning to finish the handsewing binding on this quilt. I was excited about finishing it. Sad: I can't start another quilt soon. Now I must focus on an autumn event in September and need to get crack a lackin new making purses, soft luggage, and laptop totes. I made a gazillion polymer clay bead pulls for these items. They'll be some really cool new projects. I have some crazy ideas and I'll be posting new SEWING items soon. Hope you'll stop by and make a comments. Love ya.

What you will need

  • Various blue and green cotton prints
  • ivory cotton sash and border
  • featuring cotton calico (blue/green on ivory background)
  • and warm and natural cotton batting
  • Ample Queen Size
  • quilted on a long arm.

Q&A with Shoestring

Jennifer Thomas asked:
Hello! The quilt came out just charming. It looks so soft and inviting in the bed photo. My bed is tall like that, too. I have a set of bed steps. The overall quilting looks terrific. Did you do the spiral in each of the squares?
Shoestring answered:
Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your great comments. Answering your question, I quilted different designs on each square. The fastest square was divided into four smaller squares with finger waves going in opposite directions. Some involved variations on McTavishing, Circles, Wiggle Lines, Zig-zag, Pumpkin Seeds, Leaves, Concave Borders, Spider Web.
RedRedRobin asked:
I agree, the bed looks really inviting (and i love the Tiffany lamp). The quilt colour and style really blends beautifully with the bedroom. I love that it has a simple elegance, really great for showing off nice fabric and the quilting is of course fab-u-lous.
Shoestring answered:
Hello RedRedRobin. Thanks for your great comments about the quilt and Tiffany inspired lamp. I'm learning more about quilting with every project. The biggest surprise is the unexpected pleasure touching the stitching designs. As I complete a quilted pass using the long arm, I glide my hands over the surface to make sure I've left no unquilted areas. Sometimes it is difficult to see based on lighting (time of day), and how well thread matches fabrics. I chose ivory thread.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Simply lovely, Shoestring! And so big! You would never have been able to do this quilting without your new long arm. The contrast of the modern design with the Victorian decor is fantastic, and the colors are simply perfect. Beautiful work! BTW, is that one of your paintings above the bed? It sounds like it will be big and small bags under the needle for a while. Can't wait for posts! So glad you aren't sewing instead of balancing precariously on scaffolding!
Shoestring answered:
Hi 2strings. Glad you like the photos and many posts of this quilt (beginning, middle, and end). I'm working hard--getting ready to take my stuff to a fall festival first week in Sep. Wish I could tell you the foyer is done, and the barn got scraped and painted this summer,but instead I've been playing (sewing) every day.