Dresden butterflies

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Think outside the square as far as settings and fabric go. There's no rule that says dresdens have to be done in traditional settings or colours...........have fun!!

What you will need

  • 100% quilting cottons. embroidery threads.

Q&A with aussie quilter

qulady asked:
a lovely interprtation i have to say!! love the colors and i really like the background fabric-, nothing better than sharing a project with good friends!!
aussie quilter answered:
Your sweet, thankyou so much............
Karena asked:
The butterflies are a beautiful touch. Lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing.
aussie quilter answered:
It's nice to share eh? and I love looking at everyone else's work too! Thankyou.
Pamillia asked:
Beautiful quilt, wonderful new feel to your lovely Dresden plates. Your butterflies & dragonfly are a topper. The colors & fabrics you chose are perfect. Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilt & your friends. :-)
aussie quilter answered:
Sharing is what we do well as quilters is'nt it? Thankyou so much!
NannySharon asked:
What a great idea to have an annual get together. Your quilt is just beautiful. I love dresden plates and you've shown how versatile they can be. The butterflies and dragon flies look great with them. Well done.
aussie quilter answered:
Thankyou very much, glad you like it, I must say I am very pleased with it, although at first I was'nt sure the background fabric worked?
Renate Maria asked:
Im blown away, what a beautiful piece of Art, thanks for sharing!
aussie quilter answered:
Wow! thankyou for your enthusiastic comment, it's very much appreciated. Hugs jac

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