August BOMs

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What are you most proud of? Finally catching up! Not much to be proud of in this second block...but I am wondering - does anybody think the center's points with the light green is too close to the surrounding green color? Does the center star lose a little of its shape because of that? I was hoping actual quilting would help define the points, but maybe it needs contrast decorative stitching, a little fabric paint... something to help it? What advice would you give someone starting this project? Keep on practicing and don't fret too much about how difficult it is to get points to align perfectly...someday maybe they will.... sigh.

Q&A with Pam Sews

LakeLadie asked:
Great colors. I wish I could be so free
Pam Sews answered:
haha!! All it took for me was to have a "colorist" stop by for advice in another room and when he saw the front bedroom he remarked "did your mother or some other old person live here?" It also helped that when I let my hair go natural, my coloring also changed and I had to pay attention to all new color pallette (if someone complimented me, I remembered that color :-) I've noticed that I'm happier, bouncier with brighter colors. I started with a necklace, then blouse... now my quilt! It makies me smile to walk in that room and see it now. Being "so free" just takes baby steps and practice...and a smile.
Kati R asked:
Wow Pam, what a story :)) Your blocks look wonderful and cheery :) And I LOVE your colors, they're just gorgeous.
Pam Sews answered:
thanks, that means a lot coming from you. It seems blues really excite my eyes now...guess When I Grow Old, I Shall Wear....Blue! (instead of purple)
Nana Jo 54 asked:
Great blocks Pam!
Pam Sews answered:
thanks, Nana Jo! (are you just Jo to the rest of us?) love how you nailed yours. Someday...someday...
sylfel asked:
Love your colors!
Pam Sews answered:
thanks! love your rainbow!
Cat Sultan asked:
Those blocks are great! Love the colors and fabrics. The only points I would worry about are the 2 mostly green points in the lower right corner. They kinda disappear a bit. The other points had more of the black . But that's just cuz you asked! Taking two triangles out wouldn't be that hard. I wouldn't do fabric paint though. The print is busy enough without adding to it. I like busy though so I wasn't meaning that as a bad thing. (:
Pam Sews answered:
thanks! always good to get my suspicions confirmed! Now to remedy...

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