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What are you most proud of? Actually getting the seams to line up! That is something I have had trouble with sometimes, but Amy has shown a number of tricks and tips that have helped me with this amongst other things. Thx Amy! :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Sit down and have a good think about how you are going to tackle this. Have your printed instructions in front of you, and watch the video again to ensure you fully understand. Take the time to select what fabric colours/designs you want to use. Strong contrasting colours work well with these blocks. The first real step is to prepare your fabric: pressing, cutting out the squares and rectangles and keeping them in order. Important: to achieve a 12.5 inch finished square, you must do very scant 1/4 inch seams, and ensure you press after each seam sewn. You will find that there is minimal fabric to trim away.

What you will need

Q&A with nmackay

quiltsandhearts asked:
can't wait to see the video!
nmackay answered:
I think for these blocks, you really do need to watch the video tutorial a couple of times. The printed instructions come across as quite complicated on its own, you definitely need the video to clarify what Amy is saying.
PastorT asked:
really nice!
nmackay answered:
Thank you!
NanaJeanFL asked:
Both are very nice! I'm twisting my head trying to figure out how you did the sqaure on point around the center block.... what did you do?
nmackay answered:
It was rather tricky! Do you mean for both or one on the right (double star). I followed Amy's tips for the ohio star in that she suggests when sewing the quarter triangles, sew with the seam towards the needle. I really just made sure to accurately cut each piece, and did lots of pressing after each time I sewed pieces on. When sewing the side pieces on for the double star, I slightly pulled the fabric to try to get it to match the other seam. There is a very small part that is slightly offset, but not too noticeable. Amy's advice has been invaluable. The only real issue was for the second block, it was difficult to determine which way to press as there is some bulk in the seams. I don't think I'll be attempting these blocks again any time soon though! Just have lots of patience and don't rush it.

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