Recycled Rag Rug

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I recently taught two groups of children, around 40 in all to make a simple rag rug out of old t-shirts, it was a very successful project. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start collecting and have quite a few t-shirts ready because once you start it comes together quickly. Cut t-shirts in strips, join with either knots or a few stitches, braid and tack stitch together to form a circle or oval shape

What you will need

  • Recycled old ratty T-shirts

Q&A with Jedek

Nina Savard asked:
Love the idea!!! I understand you braid the strips together, but how to you join the new color/strip to the braid you have started?
Jedek answered:
I simply tie them together, or you could stitch them
dhltau101322 asked:
I saw an explanation of how you made the rug, but I didnt see any instructions, for a newbie like me to understand. What am I missing here?
Jedek answered:
Start collecting old t-shirts, they dont fray and cut in a spiral from the base, around and around, about 2 inches wide, join three strands with a knot and start braiding, gently on a flat surface start to twist your braid into a spiral and stitch together.
Marce asked:
Love this what size did you make it and how many shirts did you use?
Jedek answered:
The rug isnt much bigger than the picture shows but I have made ones for friends that are huge enough for a large living room. As to the amount of t-shirts, I would probably judge in garbage bags full, haha. Ask friends and family especially with the change of season to send all ratty and stained shirts your way.
Oldscool asked:
I used to make rag rugs with my grandma and I also made an enormous one for my final year project at school, got top marks too!! This one is lovely.
Jedek answered:
You should post a picture of it
Jncoupon asked:
Any good instructions that you can recommend? I want to use our old mateless socks
Jedek answered:
What a great idea, please post a picture when you complete it, now you have me thinking.....