Pet wear

Project Description

What are you most proud of? the patterns i have created are extremely well fitting and easy to knit at the same time. there is no need for DPN, which I am not a fan of and no knitting in a circle, though effect is the same. What advice would you give someone starting this project? use the most basic yarn and create a basic item the first time around and once you see how the pattern comes together - venture into novelty yarns and let the yarn do the work.

What you will need

  • basic acrylic yarn of worsted weight

Q&A with Knit N Play

lilyfreeshark asked:
Do you sell your patterns?
Knit N Play answered:
i currently sell patterns for doll clothing. in september i will be launching a dog sweater tutorial. it will be rather a teaching tool and not a size specific pattern. using it will allow a beginner to intermediate knitter to create an item of any design for any size dog. follow the steps to find me Knit N Play on facebook and become a fan (Like me) for all updates and some awesome free patterns.
reneesew asked:
Love these patterns, I have a tiny Yorkie, plus other bigger yorkies, that I would love to knit some sweaters for. I will be looking forward to your tutorial.
Knit N Play answered:
this tutorial is now available on Etsy, search by KnitNPlay
sstormy158567 asked:
I love your sweatrs for pups! I have a Chi and I like a sweater than doesn't hang or too short, With no sleeves, I find my Maru will often get a leg hung up in the neck when playing, or stand when she has been lying down curled up and that concerns me! Their little bones and muscles are so tiny, it would be easy to have an injury that way. The neck of your sweaters is good too! Not gaping or sloppy, which also helps to prevent legs getting caught up. No DP needles? I love it! I hate those things! All round 101% for your designs. I'll be looking forward to patterns, Thank you for an intelligent and really sweet looking sweater that actually FITS a small dog! Well done :-)
Knit N Play answered:
Thank you for your comment. You have no idea how simple my pattern is! I actually instructed someone on facebook how to make one is 4 emails! and i have her photos to prove it :) I will begin working on this tutorial soon and it will be available through Facebook, Yardsellr and Etsy.
Pat Bernard asked:
I adore your puppy sweaters! I've knit 2 baby blankets for my grandsons and numerous dishclothes. I have a 22 lb. Shitsu and would love to make her all of these sweaters for this winter, as in Ontario Canada are winters are COLD. It appears these are all smaller dogs than my Sasha, would I be able to adjust the size to make the end result fit her?
Knit N Play answered:
ABSOLUTELY ! any size ... just wait for me to write the pattern or take a private skype 5 part lesson
Pat Bernard asked:
When is this course being offered?
Knit N Play answered:
completely private. all you need is Skype (free) and camera, so i can monitor your work